Accident Story - Car Accident Damaged My Garage Door

Accident Story - Car Accident Damaged My Garage Door

The tracks on either side of the door play a major role in keeping the door upright during operation.

My son had just got his driving license and wanted to show off his driving skills

I was okay with him driving the car on the road but didn’t want to let him park the car in the garage. It’s not that I like parking the car on my own, it’s just that we have a narrow driveway with a very small garage door. And then there’s that nasty left-turn that you need to take in order to get the car inside the garage. To put it shortly, it takes a lot of expertise to safely get the car inside the garage. While my son could drive, he simply wasn’t experienced enough to make a tough turn and get the car inside the garage in one piece.

However, I didn’t want to discourage my son and so I allowed him to try and park the car. I regretted my decision a couple of minutes later when my car’s right mirror as well as the right headlight were broken, the right side of the front had a big dent and the lower portion of the garage door track was broken. He simply couldn’t make the sharp turn and it caused the accident. The speed was slow so we were safe but I knew that my pocket was going to get lighter with all the repairs that were required.

I was more worried about the car to start with but once I saw my door off the tracks, half open and in a crooked position, I knew that the door was a bigger problem. It looked pretty unsteady because of the damaged track and I had a nasty feeling that if we would try to operate it again, it would come crashing down. The door in its current position was a danger too as there was enough space for any animal or even a thief to enter the garage.

I knew that the track on the side was slightly damaged but I didn’t know that it could cause such a big problem. I consider myself a DIY expert but I knew that any sort of repair was too dangerous to be tried on my own. So, I asked a couple of friends they recommended on this company. The service was quick in responding and sending a team, with their experts kind enough to not only repair the track and bring the door back into its position but to also do some maintenance checks on other garage door parts. I learned two valuable lessons from the accident... first to not let my son park the car till he got experience and second to get in touch with this company whenever my door malfunctions. 

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