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How often must I clean the garage door?

There's no specific rule as to when or how often you should clean garage doors. Though, when the garage door tracks are filthy and the rollers have a hard time moving, it's certainly an indication that cleaning is required. You should also clean it before lubrication maintenance and the best time is during spring or fall.

Is it necessary to check the parts often?

It's definitely smart to check the garage door often according to our specialists in Hackensack. It'll even save you time keeping your mind in strange noises on a daily basis. When you suspect that something is not quite right, it's best to check the system thoroughly but the sensors must be tested frequently.

How do I replace broken glass and window insert?

The window glass on a garage door can be replaced if it is broken. You should never attempt to replace this on your own. Our professionals in Garage Door Repair Hackensack recommend that you contact our professional service technician for glass and insert replacement.

How long does the battery of a garage remote control last?

Based on the experience of our garage door repair technicians, the remote control of door openers usually last for more than five years. You will likely experience occasional failures of the remote on the fifth year or even earlier. This is under the assumption that it is used around four times daily.

When should an opener be replaced?

There are three main reasons for garage door opener replacement, according to our specialists in Hackensack. If the device is extensively damaged and cannot be fixed or the repair would be too expensive, it is replaced. The second reason for replacement is very old age. This is the more effective and more cost-efficient option compared to replacing the components one by one. The third reason is the device being outdated. You can readily get a new opener with more advanced features.

Why my garage door does not open all the way?

This is due to the open travel limit not being properly adjusted. The opener stops working before the door has been lifted all the way up to open position. In order to allow the device to work for longer, you need to adjust the limit using the switch at the back of the motor unit.

Which garage door design is the safest for all ages?

There is no single design that is the ultimate safe style to choose. Any garage door design can be made incredibly safe with the proper equipment. The more comprehensive you sensor system, the better your door will be able to detect and prevent hazardous incidents.

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