Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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For any of your garage door needs, we can repair just about any type of door problem you might be facing. All our door specialists are experts at fixing your garage door springs. From loose springs to worn out springs, we are able to change them and replace them with a brand new part. We make sure to use only the best brands for all our door parts. So you can rest assured that any installation or replacement service we provide you will definitely last for a long time. For any problems you might have with your garage doors, you can always count on our professional and dedicated team.

We Provide Full Garage Door Services

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Fully Restored Wood Panels

I was terrified when I saw that my lovely wood carriage doors got dark moisture spots after I had been away for several months. I needed urgent expert help and I got it from Garage Door Repair Hackensack. The technicians removed the decayed wood and used the finest filler and techniques to restore the panels. They did such a brilliant job that the surface was perfectly smooth once again. The strength of the garage door panels was restored as well. The best part was that I got a comprehensive solution which included measures for protection. The crew painted the doors and added better weather seals.

Broken Track Problem Resolved Impeccably

As a result of an accident, one of the garage door tracks got broken in half. I called this emergency company for help and they responded instantly. They were very friendly and professional right from the start. They found a precisely matching replacement component. The new track had the same length, width and thickness. The professionals installed it quite fast, even though the job required considerable effort, extra care and perfect precision. Everything went back to normal after their intervention. I was really lucky to have found Garage Door Repair Hackensack. I will certainly use their services in the future.

Quick Broken Spring Repair

"When I heard a very loud noise coming from my garage, I knew that something was wrong. I discovered the torsion spring broken in two and called Garage Door Repair Hackensack for help as the company had been recommended to me by a friend. They answered the phone right away and a technician arrived shortly after. He replaced the broken spring with a new one which had the same size, but a longer cycle life. The service included balancing and lubrication too and the guy really did an excellent job. I can confidently recommend this company for the repair and replacement of overhead door springs. I will personally continue to use their service because it is fast and dependable."

The Best New Garage Door Opener

"It was obvious that my Genie opener had come to the end of its useful life. It was too slow and noisy. I had not been following the trends so I wanted someone knowledgeable to help me choose a new device. A friend suggested this company and I hired them. The guys turned out to be experts in openers and helped me to compare a range of models explaining their features and capabilities in detail. I picked the best one for me quickly. Their opener installation service was excellent as well. The job was done with precision in very little time. If you ever need professional assistance, I suggest using the services of Garage Door Repair Hackensack."

Broken Glass Garage Door

"I stupidly drove home drunk one night after a big party and woke up the next morning with a few broken glass panels and a bent frame. Needless to say I was disappointed at myself but not as disappointed as my wife was at me, so I contacted your company to have everything fixed. I had a chat with your guy and we were soon in agreement with what had to be done. It turned out that I had also managed to yank the garage door cable off the drum. Your men were soon back for the much needed panel repair and I have to say, I am impressed with the result. It's as good as new thanks to your company!"

- Tom Cooper

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